William F. Hamer
PHONE: 407.585.1187 | FAX: 407.264.6706

William F. Hamer

Director - Participant Education, Wealth Advisor

Bill is a teacher as well as an advisor. He also is an ace communicator, which helps him connect with clients and deliver financial information in a way that everyone can understand, whether a novice or a sophisticated investor.

Bill oversees participant education for Advus, developing content for educational presentations and building client relationships through serving their educational needs.

A 30-year industry veteran, Bill has been in finance for most of his adult life and has a substantial knowledge base to share. Before joining Advus, he was a financial advisor for American Express, a stockbroker for an MLB brokerage firm, and a technical analyst and day trader for a private firm.

A graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with an AB in fine arts, Bill lives in Sanford, Florida, and his two children, Ty and Brittyn.